The famous brand of the rolled black and white cookies, Oreo, is celebrating its 100th birthday.

The company Kraft Foods, which produces the famous cookies, made a collaboration with a marketing agency, in order to made a daily marketing campaign on the occasion of this event. This marketing campaign is named “Daily Twist“, directly inspired by the convention of “twist, lick and dunk” followed by so many Oreo’s fans all over the world.
In this way, every day since June 25th to last October 2nd, a graphic creation was published and showed an Oreo cookie linked with the daily news.

The different topics used during this Oreo marketing campaign are many and various. They deal with different events, like the Gay Pride, the Bastille Day, the Olympics, the start of the school year, the released of the last Batman movie …

The Oreo marketing team made a wonderful job, first to find those great ideas, then to translate the daily news and adapt them to the product. Just like the marketing director underlined that the real time creation (and also directly linked with daily news) is not always an easy thing. And I consider that the challenge has been taken up with brio, with a marketing campaign well made and so well relevant! Moreover, this action was a success with the audience because the feed-backs on the brand social networks left by the Internet users were increasing during the “Daily Twist” campaign all along.

Here there is a selection of this advertising project.

And if you want to see all the one hundred Oreo artworks, you can find all of them on the website dedicated to the “Daily Twist” campaign.