This week whick begins is a very CINEMA week! Waited by lots of film-lovers (who I am) … the countdown started for the weekend of the french Césars ceremony and the Oscars. As the two main cinematic events approach, this new post is about Cinema, and Graphic Design … CLAP!

We could consider that reducing a whole movie into a minimalist graphic design work, might be too restrictive for dealing with its big picture… And yet this work requires skills of synthesis and understanding the cinematic artwork. Distinguishing a movie only by some of its uncluttered graphic elements (supposed to illustrate it) is not always an obvious fact.
This work of representation made by the graphic designer is without any doubt fascinating! Everything is in the picture (or even in the sound), and it allows the audience to identify a movie at a first glance.

The artist Evan Seitz made a 1min motion-design video, in which every alphabet letter illustrates a movie, in reference to its title. The letters of the alphabet book are putting one after the other with a dynamical rhythm, where the sound editing and some graphic elements are bringing some clues about the movies.

Film-lovers, let’s play! How many films are you going to identify? Let me know in the comments.

Then it’s the artist Pascal Monaco who is crediting cinema, with a 2min video relating the history of the Cinema. Still in a minimalist graphic approach, he’s paying tribute to 35 cult movies, with a clever and quality work.

Titanic, Jaws and Toy Story are illustrated… are you able to identify them?

The Brazilian artist Pedro Vidotto made a movie poster series, in a minimalist graphic design. Only one graphic element, linked to a few colors, allows the movie identification. The efficiency of the rendering is working well!
Admire this work!

Finally, the Swedish graphist Victor Hertz twiste movie posters by a minimalist approach. Its poster series is translating films into pictograms, bringing a very interesting visual. The meaning is clear and simple as well, the posters are immediately identified by the association of a main element of the movie.