In this post, I am going present the very good series ABCinéma made by the motion designer Evan Seitz.

Evan Seitz is a young american artist, from Atlanta, who is in love with graphic art since he’s 5 years old. He made his design, motion picture and cartoon studies in the Georgia College. Then, he worked as a freelancer and in some recording studios.
He never stopped making animation without for all that, and he started doing some motion designed and 3D short-movies.
You can find his online portfolio: and all his artworks on Vimeo.

His project is bringing together 4 videos, made in motion graphic and 3D, and all of them are directly linked to the cinematographic culture.
Using a dynamical rhythm and minimalist style, every video illustrates one aspect of a famous movie, using a focused element: a letter, a number, a color or a country.

The animated and graphic works are absolutely terrific, the movies references are very well founded … I think it’s a very thoughtful and so well executed projects!

I encourage you to consult the 4 videos and to discover the genius work of Evan Seitz! His artworks are wonder of art!
And it’s up to you to guess which movies are behind all the letters, numbers, colors and countries. Let’s play!


Episode 1: The Alphabet


Episode 2: The Numbers


Episode 3: The Colors


Episode 4: The Countries