Who is hiding beyond this pseudonyme? Nobody knows but the artist named Banksy is more than a myth.

Who is Banksy ?
Banksy is a famous British graffiti artist who is using its aerosol spray to fix his messages directly linked with political and society facts. He marks in England, but in other cities all around the world too.
His graphic messages have a strong meaning, mixing with originality, poetry and humor. His artworks are quickly going around the world. Banksy became a master in the art of doing graffiti. That’s why he is considered like a famous artist.
Actual urban artist, he knows perfectly how to use the urban constructions with his stencils and aerosols.

His Santa’s Ghetto project
In 2005, Banksy made this project linked with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He makes a 9 painting series of the Gaza wall, with the goal to give hope to Palestinian citizen. His artwork is immediately worldwide recognized for its message against injustice and inequality. It is an involved artwork which is making us thinking and realizing the reality of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

His art beyond the street
Even though he’s a street artist, Banksy also has left his mark in the main international museum. For some time, he placed some false artworks in the MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Museum of Natural History in New York, in the Tate Britain and the British Museum in London.
A major exhibition made a tribute to him, in the british museum in Bristol during the 2009 summer.
In 2010, a film Exit Through the Gift Shop is released, film which he directed himself. His movie is presented during the Sundance Film Festival, the Berlinale and nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar in January 2011.

Website link
The official website of banksy: http://www.banksy.co.uk/