February 2013

2013 BAFTA posters

4 February 2013|

Next sunday, the 2013 BAFTA ceremony will be taking place in London. To illustrate the feature films in competition with one another for the best film, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts calls on the british artist Jonathan Burton.

In a brief presentation, Jonathan Burton is graphic designer and an Illustrator expert. His work […]

October 2012

ABCinéma by Evan Seitz

18 October 2012|

In this post, I am going present the very good series ABCinéma made by the motion designer Evan Seitz.
Evan Seitz is a young american artist, from Atlanta, who is in love with graphic art since he’s 5 years old. He made his design, motion picture and cartoon studies in the Georgia College. Then, he worked […]

100th birthday of Oreo: its advertising campaign

11 October 2012|

The famous brand of the rolled black and white cookies, Oreo, is celebrating its 100th birthday.

The company Kraft Foods, which produces the famous cookies, made a collaboration with a marketing agency, in order to made a daily marketing campaign on the occasion of this event. This marketing campaign is named “Daily Twist”, directly inspired […]

June 2012

My portfolio adaptated for cellular

4 June 2012|

In those times of the smartphones and the common use of internet on mobile devices, my personal website has to have its version adapted to mobile devices. It’s now a done thing!

You can now visit my online portfolio into a version which was thought and optimized for smartphones.
The lighten web design, the textual and […]

March 2012

The world of Tim Burton

25 March 2012|

Recently, news about Tim Burton don’t stop going on: his exhibition in the film library of Paris, his next feature film Dark Shadows shortly released in the theatre, his new animated film Frankenweenie … that’s why I get the idea to share with you the genius of this moviemaker and artist!
Who is Tim Burton?
Born […]

February 2012

A mix of Graphic Design and Cinema

19 February 2012|

This week whick begins is a very CINEMA week! Waited by lots of film-lovers (who I am) … the countdown started for the weekend of the french Césars ceremony and the Oscars. As the two main cinematic events approach, this new post is about Cinema, and Graphic Design … CLAP!
We could consider that reducing […]

Street Art in Montreal

7 February 2012|

In Montreal, the graffiti are considered as an integral part of the urban view. At many crossroads we can admire those colored artworks affixed on the brick walls of the little streets, buildings or Montrealer condos.
The begging of graffiti
Graffiti art is expending in the end of 1980s, early 1990s. The taggers of this first […]

January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

2 January 2012|

Dear readers,
On this year beginning, I wish you a 2012 happy new year with all my heart!
Which this year could bring you everything you want.

And I thank you for your support and fidelity! Happy New Year!

December 2011

Banksy : the british graffiti artist

5 December 2011|

Who is hiding beyond this pseudonyme? Nobody knows but the artist named Banksy is more than a myth.
Who is Banksy ?
Banksy is a famous British graffiti artist who is using its aerosol spray to fix his messages directly linked with political and society facts. He marks in England, but in other cities all around […]

November 2011

“Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities”

10 November 2011|

“Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities” by Vahram Muratyan is parallel between the two cities, parallel made by graphic artworks. Paris and New York are compared with different criteria: everyday life, culture, architecture, cooking… everything that makes that Paris is Paris, and that New York is New York.
The visual parallel is illustrated in […]