“Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities” by Vahram Muratyan is parallel between the two cities, parallel made by graphic artworks. Paris and New York are compared with different criteria: everyday life, culture, architecture, cooking… everything that makes that Paris is Paris, and that New York is New York.
The visual parallel is illustrated in a meaningful way. Everything is said into the picture itself, nothing has to be added to understand it. The author is showing us the both two cities with a truly sense of humor, with correctness and relevance.

I first discover the graphic works of the visual match between Paris and New York, on the author blog  “Paris versus New York”. The author is putting online some of its artworks. The tone is set, I wholly concur with the concept and the making!

His blog is seen by travelers, dreamers and lovers, and the proposal of making a book is very soon realized. The book is published with the editing “10/18”, for a national released last week in library. The book is taking back the graphic visuals to compare Paris and New York, in very pleasant smaller format.

Wanted to learn more?
It’s during a holiday abroad extended in the United-States in the 2010 ending, that he launched his first blog and shows his first “Paris versus New York” artworks.
Loving Paris, he likes the french capitale for “its spirits, tone changing, its whirl, its false calm and its little complications, reflected by its residents”.
Succumbed to the charm of New York since his childhood, Vahram Muratyan  decided to go to the Big Apple for a few months.

Sitting down in the new-yorker subway, he’s looking at people, taking notes and beginning to sketch in his notebook : the idea is processing. The simple match series begins on simple sheet of papers, comparaisons that the artist wants to daily share with his close relation, via his blog.

A word about the author
Vahram Muratyan is a talented freelancer art director via his graphic design studio. He’s a paper editing and visual marketing counselor specialist.
He works for many cultural, institutional, fashion and media editing projects (Arte, Chanel, France Télévisions, La Galerie de l’Opéra de Paris). He’s also teaching editing and graphic design at the school ESAG-Penninghen.

Varham Muratyan is also the co-author of the collection “Colle, décolle et recolle”, and the book series “J’ai toujours rêvé d’être un artiste”.

What I’m thinking about
I wholly concur with the concept of making a parallel two cultures via two cities, Paris et New York. This comparaison illustrated by graphic artworks adds an obviousness and an accuracy to the concept.
Besides, every point approached in the book is clever and right, nothing has to be added to understand the match. It’s both funny and so realistic.
Usually we are tending to compare foreign cultures and other cities with what we already know. This book allows to show both the specifics of Paris and New York, on points in common to the two cultures.
I deeply recommend this book for all the graphic design and travel lovers, curious ones … and lovers of New York or/and Paris.

Blog “Paris versus New York” : parisvsnyc.blogspot.com/
Website of Vahram Muratyan : www.viiiz.fr
Order the book on FNAC or Amazon