In Montreal, the graffiti are considered as an integral part of the urban view. At many crossroads we can admire those colored artworks affixed on the brick walls of the little streets, buildings or Montrealer condos.

The begging of graffiti
Graffiti art is expending in the end of 1980s, early 1990s. The taggers of this first generation are practicing in some specific underground places, included Redpath Sugar, TA Wall ou Jenkins. The can become initiated, make their technical skills better, but also learn the graffiti basic rules and its ethical code.

For example, it’s forbidden to do graffiti on religious or historical monuments, above other artworks… To be allowed to paint above another graffiti, the artist has to make a most beautiful and beautiful one, or the graffiti artist has to be a famous one. In fact, there is a real hierarchy respect, both in the graffiti artist fame and in the graffiti complexity.
There is in Montreal an absolute community of urban artists, who are having some meetings with everyone of the graffiti artists and who are building bounds with beginners.

The “made in Montreal”
A large part of the graffiti artists in Montreal have their own characteristics. For the most of them, they got a french influence, particularly about the lettering structure, while keeping in mind the american culture.

Being considered as a clandestine art, it happens sometimes that some artists are becoming professionals and are working for backers. We can name the graffiti artists such as Stare and Ware, who made the Mission Old Brewery wall, in the Chinatown neighborhood in Montreal, financed by the city for the 40th birthday of the Exhibit 67.

la murale de la Mission Old BreweryMission Old Brewery wall

In another neighborhood of the French Canadian city, the district Jean Talon, we can see the work of the graffiti artist Arpi, a professional on of the Café-Graffiti.

The graffiti of Montreal are taking part of the city embellishment, with their shapes and colors … for the pleasure of the Montrealers, tourists and curious ones!